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Recent news headlines. (I’m sure you’ve seen similar ones.)
“American workers are bummed.” ~ Marketplace
“Why so many Americans hate their jobs”~ CBS News
“Hate Your Job? Change May Be Hard But It’s Worth It” ~TinyBuddha
“The Pandemic Revealed How Much We Hate Our Jobs.”~Time Magazine 


“Half of American workers wouldn’t recommend their job or employer to someone they care about, like their own kid. More than 4 in 10 wouldn’t wish their job on their worst enemy.”
From a new survey by payroll and human resources firm UKG

One half of all American workers surveyed said they would not wish their current job, the job where they spend the majority of their life, on their worst enemy. Think about that a moment.

Let’ me ask you these three important questions:

Q: Does your job give you extra money at the end of the month to pay your debts and enjoy your life with?

Q: Do you feel respected by your boss, managers and enjoy what you do?

Q: Can you imagine your job ever enabling you to retire and go travel, go back to school, write your first book or whatever it is you dream of doing with your life but can’t do yet?


If you answered no to even two of the three above questions, and you are ready to say yes to yourself and loving your life then I hope you’ll say yes to getting this free book and use the form above right now.

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holding up a sign saying I amLoving My Side Hustle

The solution to hate is love!

You deserve to love your life and your side hustle, your new business can be the way you do this!
You deserve to have more time to enjoy with your family.
You deserve to be free. You absolutely do. You just have to decide, then take action.

Life’s too important to devote to something that’s not rewarding.  Face it, most people strongly dislike their jobs. They spend their days looking at the time hoping the day goes by faster so they can get home and live life for a few hours before they have to come back and do it all over again.

And at the end of the month when they get their paycheck, after paying rent, credit card bills, the ever rising costs of gas and food, childcare, and maybe school loans, there’s nothing left over at all. This is no  way to go through life. You know this. I know you do. I do too. That’s why I wrote this book and want you to have it.

Will it answer all of your questions and magically hand you the keys to financial independence? In a word, no. But, it will give you a great introduction to ways you can break free from the 9-5 “rat race” and take your life up a level so you can start liveing  your life on your terms.


“I really enjoyed it and plan on reading it again and again. “Loving My Side Hustle” by Joseph Segal is an incredible flip book.” ~ Carolyn Hyat, Granny the BadAzz Marketer


“I checked out your eBook, and I must say it’s fantastic! 📖👀 The title ‘Loving My Side Hustle’ really caught my attention, and the topics you chose are spot on. 👍 It’s a great resource for anyone looking to dive into side hustles.” ~ Marco Ricciardi, Mr. Side Hustles


And what can you achieve by creating a Side Hustle you Love? Another step towards peace of mind!

🏠 Pay Your Bills: Rent, 💳 credit cards, 🔥🔌 heating and electric, 🚗 car insurance, 🏥 health insurance, 🍔 food! Yes, food prices, rent, and gas prices keep going up! Your income should rise too!

💼 Financial Security: Diversify income sources to withstand economic uncertainties.

💰 Debt Repayment: Pay off loans faster, including student loans.

Flexible Schedule: Control your work hours, allowing for work-life balance and more time with your 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 family.

📚 Skill Development: You pay the bills with your skills!Learn new skills and gain valuable experience.

🎨 Get Paid For Work You Enjoy: Creating art 🎨, keeping people’s plants 🌿 green, teaching people to code 💻, it’s up to you! You’ll even find new things you enjoy you never thought of before.

🚀 Independence: Not having to rely on a boss or big corporation.

✈️ Travel Opportunities: Use extra income for vacations or remote work.

😌 Reduce Stress: Alleviate financial worries and enjoy peace of mind.

💼 Long-Term Wealth: Build assets and create potential for passive income. Tjhen let your money make you more money!

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